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To enjoy the place known for its unmatched cultural display, Rajasthan, it is always nice to be prepared, so here are a few things to take into consideration before embarking on your travel to India. Rajasthan is the one place on earth that has it all, from divine cuisines to beautiful bright clothing, gorgeous forts as well as festive celebrations and folk traditions on a large scale. With an overall guide in your hand, it is possible to enjoy all the magic this vibrant city has to offer, one thing is guaranteed, and that is that Rajasthan offers an unforgettable experience.

Famous Festivals and Fairs The Perfect Time to Visit Rajasthan

To make the best of your visit to Rajasthan it is quite important to visit all the festivals and fairs and to explore all the most popular destinations in the people friendly place. It offers a wide variety of cuisines, tons of accommodation options and if you are a first timer, it is always better to book with a hotel that also provides a pickup service. Most hotels provide potential visitors with a complete list of all the current and upcoming events, which could massively influence your travel date plans.

The Perfect Time to Visit Rajasthan

After the spring the temperature in Rajasthan starts to fluctuate a lot, the days are warmer while a clear chill is in the air is part of the evening temperatures. It might be the perfect time as the daytime is perfect for exploring and with the cooler evening you are guaranteed a good rest. Although the only way to start planning is to have a chart of the temperatures, so we include the temperatures, months and seasons for you.

Temperatures in Rajasthan

October to March is winter, and the temperatures are 10º c to 27º c
July to September is monsoon and then temperatures of 21º c to 35 º c can be expected
April to June is summer, and the temperatures can be as low as 24 º c to 45 º c

Best Way to Travel to Rajasthan


Most of the cities in Rajasthan have airports so travelling via air is a great option.


Government and private bus services are provided with all the luxuries available.


With so many trains running from and to the most parts of India, almost all cites in Rajasthan can be reached via train.

Public Transport

Public transport is easy to book, most convenient and connects almost all parts of the country, while it is also one of the cheapest travelling options. There are many travelling agencies that book trips, accommodation and transport for visitors and if you don’t have the time to invest in finding the best hotels, then it might be the best to leave all the bookings in the hands of a professional travel agent.