Ten Things You Must Know Before Traveling to India (part 3)

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Be wary of scammers

Contrary to popular perception, not every part of India is filled with scammers. However, you should always take precautions regardless of the city where you’re traveling to. Be wary of unofficial tour guides, invalid SIMs, fast-track admission service scams, and inflated taxi fares. You should avoid looking gullible since it will make you an easy target, so check out some safety tips before starting your trip.

Bargain, bargain, bargain

Whether you’re shopping or taking a taxi, it’s always mandatory to bargain in India. Foreigners are often quoted inflated prices as the value of the Indian currency is lower than that of most western countries, and although you may think the rates are cheap, haggling is still encouraged. Indian salesmen who are very good at negotiating will try to play with your emotions. You can buy souvenirs from government-owned handicraft emporiums so that you don’t have to bargain.

Indian cuisine is not only chicken tikka masala

Cuisine is one of India’s finest character traits. It’s unlucky that chicken tikka masala and naan are considered as staple Indian dishes in most foreign countries. Whether it’s irachi ishtu (meat stew) from Kerala, smoked pork with bamboo shoot from Nagaland, or liti chokha (stuffed wheat balls) from Bihar, daab chingri (prawn curry) from West Bengal, try to explore Indian cuisine when traveling to different cities.

Don’t shy away from the locals

Don’t hesitate to interact with the locals in order to learn more about Indian culture. Sometimes travelers feel that locals who are trying to show their friendliness are only doing so to con them, but that’s not the case most of the time. In small towns and villages, the way of life is different from that of the bigger cities in the world. The stories you will hear and the traditions you will learn about are bits of information not always available in guidebooks. This is your chance to enhance your knowledge about the country.