Ten Things You Must Know Before Traveling to India (part 2)

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Embrace the chaos

India is the world’s second-most populous country behind China, so expect a lot of crowds, particularly in big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. It’s not difficult to be overwhelmed by the large number of activities going on at the same time. Keep calm at tourist destinations or train/bus stations as tour guides or taxi drivers might hound you. Moreover, make sure that you are assertive as dealing with them. Only if you are willing to embrace the chaos, will you be able to enjoy your trip.

Get a local SIM with internet access

Most cities in India, even the capital Delhi, aren’t that well planned. While traveling around, it is always helpful to have Google Maps on your mobile phone so that you can make sure that the taxi or auto-rickshaw driver is driving on the correct route and isn’t attempting to rip you off. Getting a local SIM card with internet access is one of the best ways to protect yourself. Because of high competition among a variety of service providers, data plans in this country are quite cheap. Presently, you can get 10GB data for a month for only ₹250 ($3).

Pack light and wear loose-fitting clothes

India’s regions have different climates due to its geographical diversity. While Kashmir enjoys pleasant 20°C weather in summers, Delhi faces scorching around the same time with temperatures shooting to 40°C. Remember to check the weather of the city or state you are traveling to beforehand and pack accordingly. It’s best to not carry too much, wear comfortable clothes, and have a shawl or stole on you in case you need to cover up while visiting temples or other conservative areas. Women can also use a cotton salwar kameez, an Indian outfit that is very comfortable to wear, particularly in the sweltering heat.