Attractive Cultural Features of India

Dancing: If anyone has ever watched Indian cinema, it is certainly impressive with charming dances and inspirational lyrics expressed in the film. Indians think that in the film without dancing, it is like eating curry without chili, which will become bland, unattractive. In fact, every region of India has its own identity dance that characterizes this land. Yoga: Yoga is an ancient art, originating from the upper reaches of the Ganges and monasteries located at the foot of the Himalayas in India. The area is all small, remote mountain cities but attracts many yoga followers from all over the world to practice. Members at many yoga classes are single women. Everyone participating in the training has a desire to find purity in the soul. Studying yoga is more than just learning the movements, but also training how to get rid of the negative, pessimistic thoughts in your heart. Drawing Henna: Henna is a flowering plant grown in arid regions such as Africa, South Asia and Northern Australia. Henna is used as a dye. Henna Tattoo is the name of the