The Best Time to Visit India

India is a country with a unique culture with many interesting customs and habits, and especially Indian people are very hospitable. If you are planning to travel to India, let’s explore the best time to visit India! Indian weather and climate are divided into 3 main seasons: winter, summer and rainy season. The weather here has changed significantly between regions while South India is in the rainy season of tropical monsoon weather, the North is covered with cold snow. Summer (from March to May) This is the season in which the Indian weather is quite hot and uncomfortable. Partly because Indian weather doesn’t change much from day to night. Therefore, it may be sunny and dry all day. In April, many places have temperatures up to 40 degrees C. By the end of May, the rainy season starts with high humidity and thunderstorms begin to appear with dust. This will greatly affect the trip if you travel around this time. Rainy season (from June to October)  India has two rainy seasons: the southwest and northeast monsoon. The rainy season in the