Pick up the sun on the Ganges River

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Four o’clock in the morning, the foot in the Ganges River, suddenly met with a bright red sun rising from the Ganges River on the 16th day of the lunar month, the moonlight inlaid with silver. Fanciful, rare moments to forget. I sat and picked up the sun on the Ganges River.

Go to Sanath city

I was still haunted by the three sharp, black, sprawling towers and the piles of dry wood in the Ganges. There, three towers were three crematoriums, the last berth of the Indian people, including dignitaries, rich people and black people; there gives the human world the justice of creation again. I was still trembling as I watched the ramshackle huts and devotees meditate.

I remember, when I stopped at Lumbini, where the Buddha was born. Every spring, there are tens of thousands of Tibetans, tens of thousands of people of all colors, on continents, they come here, they can look. Just look. Some people do not follow Buddhism, but they want to understand the Buddhist culture other than Christian culture, other than Hindu culture. And then I am very curious after reading. The Buddha, when he was born, said: I am the most noble person in the world / I am the best person in the world / I am the most outstanding person in the world …

The Buddha was originally Gautama prince, the son of Queen Maha Maya.

After his search journeys, and he came to the truth, his feet stopped at Bodh Gaya, a place where he sat under the Bodhi root and became enlightened. Then he returned to Sarnath where the sermon first came.

This sacred land of Sarnath, when every spring comes, cannot count on the many people who flock here to offer incense. The place where the yellow spill of marigold, overflowing with water lily in the corridors surrounding the Bodhgaya. You will understand more sacred lands of Buddhist culture.
I have come to the holy places of Buddhism, the dream of many Asian Buddhists, and the dream of discovering young people. The land where this mystery also beckons my soul. Here, there are young monks, they meditate through the day with a calm face, like nothing in the soul. All material values ​​stand outside your body in this place. There is a question snapped up under the sun, the earth: if everyone is practicing like that.

If everyone doesn’t aspire, what will life be like? Where to find museums, palaces, where to find ancient castles and ancient towers that attract travelers? Where to get the golden shelves at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, where to get the silver stone in the Thai temple, where to get the winter palace in Russia during the Tsar …

Then somewhere on the boat, somewhere on the earth I met many people who were hypocrites, they looked at the same miserable people as those who left. They also declared eloquently standing on the side of the rich. Only rich people make the country move forward, strong. I also met people who had sacrificed quietly, lived noiselessly, they were not stingy with you, they did not buy birds to buy fish from the river, demanding selfie. But because philanthropy is a quiet and discreet job for a human life. Perhaps Buddha’s mind is there.

When the car went astray a few hundred kilometers I saw Buddha comforting me, I strayed into an Indian village in Sarnath, the fields of undercover eyes. Broccoli in India grows very tall, blooming and brilliant.

And Indian farmers have one more honor they honor the cows. The cow gave them milk, gave them the wheat when they pulled the car, when the plow broke … The cow gave them feces, and they dried dried manure with straw to make it as big as a rice bowl, then they put it on their heads to the market.

Sitting with the sun on the Ganges River gave me new discoveries about the flowering season, and the radish oil; about a type of cow dung to heat and handmade textiles in India cheap wages. The sound of the rhythms is the same, the sun sinks on the Ganges River, the obsession with Indian land is not light, when at Sarnath it is raining, and at noon the sun shines in the afternoon with yellow cabbage.

I hope to have a chance to come back to the Ganges River, then remember to sit down or catch the odd moon and look closely at the mysterious beauty of India to find myself far away, very different emotions with still space when staying my country.