Outstanding Cultural Features in India

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India is a country with a long history. The world recognizes India as one of the most vibrant cultures of human civilization.

Famous works in India such as the Taj Mahal and influential Islamic buildings are legacies from the Mughal dynasty. This is considered to be the famous tourist destination in India with special architecture, which is the result of a tradition of integrating all elements from every part of the country. This particular architectural style has created a special Indian culture.


India is the land of fairs and traditional festivals, at least every day of the year there is a fair. Fairs and festivals enrich the color of the Indian social life. Major fairs and festivals: Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan, Mela Crafts Fair in Surajkund, Holi Fair in North India, Pongal in Tamilnadu, Onam in Kerela, Baisaki in Punjab, Bihu in Assam, dance festivals in Khajuraho and Mamallapuram, etc. Pooram Assembly in Kerala, India.


Asians use chopsticks to pick up food, Westerners use knives and spatula, the Indians use their hands. This is a feature of Indian culture that creates a unique attraction for tourists to explore the land here.
Half of the Indian population is vegetarian and there are a lot of religions (a total of more than 2 million deities).
Drinks are very popular in India, especially beer, gin tonic and whiskey. People of high rank often do not drink alcohol. During the meal do not use alcohol.


Indigenous Indian culture is characterized by a great variety of traditional costumes in India. There are also great regional differences in color and design, and depend on a number of factors, including air quality. rear. Traditional costumes include traditional sari for women and traditional dhoti for men.


Contrary to the culture of customs in some other countries. Indian culture is characterized by traditional ceremonies in weddings. In India, the bride’s family will bring the family dowry dowry to display the ceremony in the traditional wedding ceremony here. The groom’s family usually requires a dowry that includes a large sum of money, pets, furniture, and electronics, leading to the fact that more and more girls in India are difficult to get married. .
When the number of dowries is not enough, the bride often gets harassed, abused and lives very miserable. The abuse of the bride can culminate when the future husband or husband’s family burns the bride. Although the law in India punishes very strict dowry killers, however, rarely a person is convicted because a judge (usually a man) is often uninterested in the case. It is said that this is a traditional culture in India also contains many customs, today, the social development of these customs also gradually faded are still appearing in many rural India.


In the culture of communication in India, being too tight in India is considered a lack of civility. In the north (like Delhi), when his hands together as if to chest, slightly bowed and said: Namaste J is considered to attach great importance to others. And do not shake hands with women.
Indians are very skeptical and often pay attention early on to judge others. They often talk about family. Do not be surprised when Indians find out about your family, whether you are married or divorced, what your name is, how old is your spouse.
Cricket is always a suitable theme for every occasion with Indian people because it is a very popular sport in this country.


Indians are not on time, but arriving an hour late can happen, especially if you know what you need. However, if you have an appointment with an Indian person, you should arrive at your place on time because it is not right time to be considered impolite. Here are some of the cultural characteristics of the Indian seaside town you are looking for. understand before coming to the mysterious India. Traveling to India, tourists not only explore the tourist destinations in India but also learn about the traditional culture here. Do not hesitate any more, explore yourself the unique culture in India while traveling India certainly you will not have to regret for your decision.