Pick up the sun on the Ganges River

Four o’clock in the morning, the foot in the Ganges River, suddenly met with a bright red sun rising from the Ganges River on the 16th day of the lunar month, the moonlight inlaid with silver. Fanciful, rare moments to forget. I sat and picked up the sun on the Ganges River. Go to Sanath city I was still haunted by the three sharp, black, sprawling towers and the piles of dry wood in the Ganges. There, three towers were three crematoriums, the last berth of the Indian people, including dignitaries, rich people and black people; there gives the human world the justice of creation again. I was still trembling as I watched the ramshackle huts and devotees meditate. I remember, when I stopped at Lumbini, where the Buddha was born. Every spring, there are tens of thousands of Tibetans, tens of thousands of people of all colors, on continents, they come here, they can look. Just look. Some people do not follow Buddhism, but they want to understand the Buddhist culture other than Christian culture, other than Hindu culture.

India promotes tourism into a key industry

India is planning to cut taxes and create more incentives for tourism, hoping to boost economic growth and create more jobs, Reuters quoted sources from the government. The Indian tourism market, with an estimated size of $ 210 billion, grew 10% during the period from March to September 2017, while the same period a year earlier was 8%. In an interview with Reuters, a senior official of the Ministry of Finance said India will soon issue some measures to boost investment in tourism and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has proposed reducing tax on guest services. Hotel, encourage attracting private investment. Rising signals for businesses This move is expected to boost tourism in the second most populous country in the world, where low inflation and rising income levels are changing the lifestyle and consumption habits of about 250 million among middle class people. If the new policy is put into practice, it will be good news for many businesses operating in this field such as airlines, hotels, tour operators … According to Pronab Sarkar, President of the Association of Indian Tourists

India Travel: Festival in Mumbai

Since becoming the main seaport connecting the UK and India, Mumbai has attracted many merchants and people to live. Not only is it known as Mumbai’s famous economic and financial center, but it is also the busiest tourist city in India. Here are some essential information you should consult before traveling to Mumbai. The best time to visit Mumbai The best time to visit Mumbai is from November to March next year when the weather is not too hot. If you don’t want your trip to be interrupted by unusual rain or rain, avoid June to October. Because during this time, storms and rain can cause public transport to be paralyzed. If you want to enjoy the extreme heat of Mumbai, then go to Mumbai from April to June. This is also the time you can enjoy countless attractive fruits. Festivals in Mumbai India is known as the country with many unique festival customs. And Mumbai is a city that hosts a lot of festivals with the interest of the people. In March, Holi, also known as the festival of

IOC ‘isolated’ India from world sports

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended all of India’s role in hosting future events and called on international sports federations not to participate in tournaments in the country. after two Pakistani gunners were denied a visa to compete in New Delhi. According to Reuters, the refusal of entry visas for the two gunners to take part in a World Cup shooting event in the Indian capital later this week following last week’s attack by a Pakistani militant group in the region. Kashmir disputes have killed at least 40 paramilitary police. India has accused its neighbors of not taking up responsibility to control militant groups that should be responsible for the attack on Kashmir. Pakistan has denied any involvement with the attack. The IOC said that visa refusal for Pakistani athletes was against the rules of Olympic rules regarding discrimination and political intervention from the host country. “Since being aware of the problem, and despite last-minute efforts … as well as discussing with the Indian government, no solution has been given to allow the Pakistani delegation to enter India. time

Hawa Mahal: Palace of Winds in India

With 953 windows, Hawa Mahal Palace is like a honeycomb or an air conditioner that helps to bring cool spaces in hot days. This is a special travel destination that you should try when visiting India. Dubbed Palace of Winds or Palace of Breeze, Hawa Mahal is one of India’s most beautiful palaces. It is located in the pink city Jaipur, which is the largest city in Rajasthan state. The palace was built in 1799 by Emperor Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. It simulates the image of the crown of the goddess Krishna shining brightly under the sun. A special feature of Hawa Mahal is the system of 953 windows with delicate and fancy sculpted drawings. Therefore, the palace is also like a honeycomb for wind and air conditioning. The building consists of 5 floors made of light pink sandstone, which further contributes to the beauty of the heritage city Jaipur. Initially, Hawa Mahal was built as a separate complex for royal women. From there, they can daily watch the lives of the people through the windows without showing up in public. The

Taj Mahal in India

Taj Mahal is on the list of 7 wonders of the world. The magnificent beauty and sophistication of this architectural work can make anyone be surprised when they see it once. Taj Mahal is built entirely of white marble and has different colors at each time of day. The symbol of eternal love Taj Mahal is admired by Indians and international tourists not only because of its unique beauty but also by its story. According to legend, Queen Mumtaz Mahal of King Shah Jahan died after giving birth to his fourteenth son in 1631. Because of his pain at the death of his beloved wife, King Shah Jahan built a tomb for her on the banks of the Yamuna River. According to Islam, Shah Jahan had the right to marry four wives but he lived alone 19 years later without remarrying. Faithful love with Queen Mumtaz Mahal of King Shah Jahan has become a story that has been handed down for centuries. There are records showing the king’s love deeply touched that only one night after his wife died, the beard

5 Adventure Sports You Should Try When Visiting India

Adventure sports tourism is currently the leading trend in the world today. With its vast and diverse terrain, India has become a hot tourist destination for various extreme sports activities. Here is a list of the top 7 extreme sports that you should try if coming to India. 1. Skiing or Heli-Skiing Skiing is an attractive winter sport made in India. This extreme sport is popular among experienced skiers. It may not necessarily be a good choice for beginners, or lack of professional skills when skiing. Skiing with helicopters in India helps you enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas. Famous destinations for Heli-Skiing in India are Gulmarg (Kashmir) or Manali (Himachal Pradesh) 2. Paragliding Paragliding is an adventure sport with free-flying parachutes. The driver sits on a suspender belt. The wavy shape in the air depends on the hanging wires hanging on the glider and air pressure. Players will feel nervous but in return will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful valleys beneath the surrounding hills. 3. Slide the adventure waterfall River rafting or strong

The Best Time to Visit India

India is a country with a unique culture with many interesting customs and habits, and especially Indian people are very hospitable. If you are planning to travel to India, let’s explore the best time to visit India! Indian weather and climate are divided into 3 main seasons: winter, summer and rainy season. The weather here has changed significantly between regions while South India is in the rainy season of tropical monsoon weather, the North is covered with cold snow. Summer (from March to May) This is the season in which the Indian weather is quite hot and uncomfortable. Partly because Indian weather doesn’t change much from day to night. Therefore, it may be sunny and dry all day. In April, many places have temperatures up to 40 degrees C. By the end of May, the rainy season starts with high humidity and thunderstorms begin to appear with dust. This will greatly affect the trip if you travel around this time. Rainy season (from June to October)  India has two rainy seasons: the southwest and northeast monsoon. The rainy season in the

Attractive Cultural Features of India

Dancing: If anyone has ever watched Indian cinema, it is certainly impressive with charming dances and inspirational lyrics expressed in the film. Indians think that in the film without dancing, it is like eating curry without chili, which will become bland, unattractive. In fact, every region of India has its own identity dance that characterizes this land. Yoga: Yoga is an ancient art, originating from the upper reaches of the Ganges and monasteries located at the foot of the Himalayas in India. The area is all small, remote mountain cities but attracts many yoga followers from all over the world to practice. Members at many yoga classes are single women. Everyone participating in the training has a desire to find purity in the soul. Studying yoga is more than just learning the movements, but also training how to get rid of the negative, pessimistic thoughts in your heart. Drawing Henna: Henna is a flowering plant grown in arid regions such as Africa, South Asia and Northern Australia. Henna is used as a dye. Henna Tattoo is the name of the

Popular Fears When Travel To India

Not all travelers are brave enough to set foot in India by stereotypes from food safety and food culture, to the most common problem of rape. Jo Stewart is an Intrepid Travel site blogger. When she announced that she was going to India, her friends all felt excited but also full of concern. After the journey to discover the land of the gods, Jo proved to his friends that India is not as dangerous as people think. Here are the confession of Jo’s friends in India and the true story of female bloggers. “I’m afraid I will have diarrhea.” People are often curious about how Jo’s stomach is reacting to Indian food rather than caring about the beauty of the Taj Mahal. In fact, during his trip, Jo tried local dishes from traditional to luxurious restaurants, or sidewalk shops. No one in the group had abdominal pain or had to use emergency diarrhea medicine, only one person had constipation, Jo did not understand why? Of course, Jo’s group used bottled water but they still tried many dishes on the street