5 Most Delicious Vegetarian Cakes in India

Not only is the world famous and sacred land of the world, India is also the paradise of delicious vegetarian cakes that you may not know. 1. Puri-Bhaji Cake In markets in the northern Indian city, you will find skillful chefs making Puri-Bhaji fried bread which is a non-fermented bread served with hot and spicy potato sauce. It is usually eaten at breakfast or lunch and is also popular street food. 2. Stuffed Parathas bread Parathas is a non-fermented flat bread, made of wheat flour, stuffed with some vegetarian ingredients inside. The cake is served with melted white butter pieces, with pickles. You can use this dish with pure yogurt, or lassi which is a unique salty yogurt drink. Inside, the cake is stuffed with cauliflower, radish, onion, mint, and green beans roasted then grilled. 3. Idli sambhar rice cake Idli sambar is a popular breakfast dish of southern India. In it, Idli is a salty rice cake made with steamed rice flour and gram powder. Sambar is a vegetable curry cooked with lentils and black mustard spices, curry leaves

Extreme sports in India

Skiing with helicopters Skiing is an attractive winter sport made in India. This extreme sport is popular among experienced skiers. It may not necessarily be a good choice for beginners, or lack of professional skills when skiing. Skiing with winnings in India helps you enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas. Heli-Ski destinations in India: Gulmarg (Kashmir), Manali (Himachal Pradesh) 2. Scuba diving Dive into the sea to help you discover the beautiful and exotic life in the water. Swimming into the sea is done from the water. Includes: special diving mask, snorkel and swimming fins. On the other hand, this sport requires a bit of skill training. Sometimes an awareness of the existence of some risk – some obvious potential. This is a great and very popular sport between beginners as well as professionals. Those who really want to experience the magic. Enjoy colorful sea life and coral reefs. Destinations for diving and snorkelling in India: Andaman Islands, Goa, Netrani (Karnataka), Barracuda Islands of Netrani, Lakshwadeep Islands 3. Paragliding Paragliding is an adventure sport with free-flying

Special Sport of Indian People

Every spring in India’s Kerala state, thousands of people gather on the muddy banks around the rice paddies waiting for the traditional bull racing event. The Indian village boys are intensely working in pairs of bulls tied to the same yoke. They are galloping together. Bull racing is a unique Indian sport held annually in Anandapally village after the harvest has been completed. In this test, riders will control 2 pull cows and race against the opponent on a large flooded field equivalent to a football field. Three healthy men assembled into a team, controlling a pair of bulls during the Maramadi festival of Ananadapalli village, Kerala state, India. Two athletes sprint on either side of the cow’s pair and control them in the right direction with a rope. The third athlete called Jockey stood on a board after a pair of bulls and would be dragged by them. For all 3 men, this is a challenging, dangerous and difficult game. However, this is an opportunity for the village boys to prove their strength. In addition, this is also considered

India Travel: Interesting Country with Many People Selling Books on The Street

At Indian bus stations, many book sellers can be found. The tall stacks of books that they walked in the middle of the bustling bus stop filled with honking. India is the country with the highest reading habits in the world. On average, Indians spend more than 10 hours a week reading books. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country with very high reading habits. On average, Thai people spend more than 9 hours reading a week. It is not difficult to see images of drunken travelers reading books on crowded trains. Books are not only a treasure of knowledge, it helps us stimulate nerves, stimulate humanity, provide materials about the natural world and people. Books are the shortest way to open doors for people to succeed. Last year, this South Asian country was ranked # 1 by NOP World Culture Score in the survey about the average reading time of the people. Accordingly, an average Indian reading time per week reaches nearly 11 hours (10 42 minutes). Although it is a country with a high level of literacy among

Indian Cuisine: Delicious dishes in Old Delhi

Indian cuisine is attractive enough to conquer any hard-to-eat gourmet heart. From the kitchens of luxury hotels in South Delhi to the sidewalk eateries in Connaught Palace area, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, featuring many different prices. Here are the outstanding dishes not to be missed by Indian cuisine. Near the Chandni Chowk station, on Chandni Chowk Road, Old Delhi’s main street has a small shop called Natraj. Here, they only sell 2 items, namely dahi bhalla, including mixed yogurt (dahi) and golden fried lentil cake, served with pomegranate seeds, raisins and mango chutney sauce typical of Indian cuisine. Degree. Rabri Faluda Near the ancient Fatehpuri Masjid church, the Hiani di Hatti is a great place to enjoy rabri faluda. This dessert is made from traditional pasta (faluda) and monosodium glutamate (rabri made from a mixture of milk, cream, sugar and cardamom). Paratha Paratha is a type of donut, made from wheat flour, with local vegetables or fruits, mixed with mango chutney sauce, sabri and some types of raw vegetables. The paratha street is quite small, it

Strange Things in India Will Surprise Visitors

With a long-standing culture, India has many interesting features that make the whole world surprised. From the pilgrimage of hundreds of millions of people, the habit of consuming gold at the top of the bridge to the “living” bridges is hard to find elsewhere. Kumbh Mela is a very important Hindu pilgrimage (worth 80% of the Indian population) held every 12 years. The destination of the journey is also the place where the largest gathering of people in the world takes place. This crowd can even be seen from outer space. It is known that this year’s Kumbh Mela ceremony was held in the city of Allahabad from January 15 to March 4 and it is estimated that there are up to 130 million followers doing this pilgrimage. Sushruta Samhita is a book about ancient Indian medicine written in Sanskrit by Sushruta. Born in the 6th century BC, this work is said to be one of the earliest writings to record detailed studies of remedies and surgery. Even Sushruta Samhita may be the source of modern plastic surgery when the

Indians in Australia ‘struggle with emotions’ before the Australian-Indian cricket match

Many Australian immigrants in Australia are falling in love, sometimes when both the Indian and Australian teams meet consecutively in four fighting cricket matches that take place in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. These two countries share the same love for cricket, which has contributed to helping Indian immigrants integrate into their new lives. The melody of this song will be played continuously in the coming months when the Australian and Indian teams compete with each other in the antagonistic cricket tournament. However, people in the Australian community in Australia admit that this makes them feel emotionally struggled for the two teams. Sangeeta Rodrigues is born in India and currently lives in Australia as his second home. She said cricket sports connect the friendship between the two countries. “When our kids were born here, it was like we had both teams, two friendly rivals in the same home. The children were born in Australia, we were from India, cricket is always in the blood of the people of India and Australia, so we feel very comfortable when it comes to

Pick up the sun on the Ganges River

Four o’clock in the morning, the foot in the Ganges River, suddenly met with a bright red sun rising from the Ganges River on the 16th day of the lunar month, the moonlight inlaid with silver. Fanciful, rare moments to forget. I sat and picked up the sun on the Ganges River. Go to Sanath city I was still haunted by the three sharp, black, sprawling towers and the piles of dry wood in the Ganges. There, three towers were three crematoriums, the last berth of the Indian people, including dignitaries, rich people and black people; there gives the human world the justice of creation again. I was still trembling as I watched the ramshackle huts and devotees meditate. I remember, when I stopped at Lumbini, where the Buddha was born. Every spring, there are tens of thousands of Tibetans, tens of thousands of people of all colors, on continents, they come here, they can look. Just look. Some people do not follow Buddhism, but they want to understand the Buddhist culture other than Christian culture, other than Hindu culture.

India promotes tourism into a key industry

India is planning to cut taxes and create more incentives for tourism, hoping to boost economic growth and create more jobs, Reuters quoted sources from the government. The Indian tourism market, with an estimated size of $ 210 billion, grew 10% during the period from March to September 2017, while the same period a year earlier was 8%. In an interview with Reuters, a senior official of the Ministry of Finance said India will soon issue some measures to boost investment in tourism and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has proposed reducing tax on guest services. Hotel, encourage attracting private investment. Rising signals for businesses This move is expected to boost tourism in the second most populous country in the world, where low inflation and rising income levels are changing the lifestyle and consumption habits of about 250 million among middle class people. If the new policy is put into practice, it will be good news for many businesses operating in this field such as airlines, hotels, tour operators … According to Pronab Sarkar, President of the Association of Indian Tourists

India Travel: Festival in Mumbai

Since becoming the main seaport connecting the UK and India, Mumbai has attracted many merchants and people to live. Not only is it known as Mumbai’s famous economic and financial center, but it is also the busiest tourist city in India. Here are some essential information you should consult before traveling to Mumbai. The best time to visit Mumbai The best time to visit Mumbai is from November to March next year when the weather is not too hot. If you don’t want your trip to be interrupted by unusual rain or rain, avoid June to October. Because during this time, storms and rain can cause public transport to be paralyzed. If you want to enjoy the extreme heat of Mumbai, then go to Mumbai from April to June. This is also the time you can enjoy countless attractive fruits. Festivals in Mumbai India is known as the country with many unique festival customs. And Mumbai is a city that hosts a lot of festivals with the interest of the people. In March, Holi, also known as the festival of