IOC ‘isolated’ India from world sports

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended all of India’s role in hosting future events and called on international sports federations not to participate in tournaments in the country. after two Pakistani gunners were denied a visa to compete in New Delhi.
According to Reuters, the refusal of entry visas for the two gunners to take part in a World Cup shooting event in the Indian capital later this week following last week’s attack by a Pakistani militant group in the region. Kashmir disputes have killed at least 40 paramilitary police. India has accused its neighbors of not taking up responsibility to control militant groups that should be responsible for the attack on Kashmir. Pakistan has denied any involvement with the attack.
The IOC said that visa refusal for Pakistani athletes was against the rules of Olympic rules regarding discrimination and political intervention from the host country. “Since being aware of the problem, and despite last-minute efforts … as well as discussing with the Indian government, no solution has been given to allow the Pakistani delegation to enter India. time to play. Therefore, the IOC Executive Board also decided to suspend all discussions with the NOC (Indian Olympic Committee) and the government is concerned with decisions that will affect the opportunity of national organization. “, IOC said in a statement.

The IOC also calls on all international sports federations not to host events in India, or to grant the right to host tournaments to this country in the future, until the government has a clear document to Ensure access for all athletes. The IOC’s warning is a “powerful blow” to the ambition of hosting India’s many international sporting events.

Last year’s IOC outlined an ambitious roadmap for organizing the Olympic Games in 2026, ASIAD 2030 and the Olympic Summer for the first time in 2032.

According to IOC, the tournament in India is considered to be a qualifier for the scouting players in the Olympic 2020 with the participation of about 500 athletes. Although India was stripped of its right to organize, the IOC said it would still ensure its arrival in Japan in other tournaments.