Indians in Australia ‘struggle with emotions’ before the Australian-Indian cricket match

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Many Australian immigrants in Australia are falling in love, sometimes when both the Indian and Australian teams meet consecutively in four fighting cricket matches that take place in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. These two countries share the same love for cricket, which has contributed to helping Indian immigrants integrate into their new lives.
The melody of this song will be played continuously in the coming months when the Australian and Indian teams compete with each other in the antagonistic cricket tournament.

However, people in the Australian community in Australia admit that this makes them feel emotionally struggled for the two teams.

Sangeeta Rodrigues is born in India and currently lives in Australia as his second home.

She said cricket sports connect the friendship between the two countries.

“When our kids were born here, it was like we had both teams, two friendly rivals in the same home. The children were born in Australia, we were from India, cricket is always in the blood of the people of India and Australia, so we feel very comfortable when it comes to watching matches, the cricket helps us to unite with together.”

Like thousands of Indian immigrants, Sangeeta Rodrigues’ son also plays cricket in the youth team.

A group of Indian male boys, the boy and his teammates said they planned to support the Indian team during the summer games. Representing the group, Avanesh Sri Ganeshwaran explained.

“I was born in Australia, but my mom and dad are Indians, so I support the Indian team because … why not? And the Indian team will win, because they have requirements the best player. ”
One of the best players in the world is India.

It’s Virat Kohli, who will become one of the nation’s greatest players.

Avanesh Sri Ganeshwaran’s teammate, Nrtharshan Raveendran, said Kohli was the inspiration for Indian people around the world.

“He is the one who inspires me to play this cricket and how to control things like a ball. Yes, he is like my idol.”

The coach of the teenage cricket team, Vipin Mathews, said that living in Australia could give young players the best chance to follow the success of their idols.

“I am pleased to see that children are using their energy resources for a constructive purpose such as sports, especially cricket, and they mature as athletes who are also good individuals. And I think a community and society like Australia thanks to its infrastructure and built systems, are effectively supporting not only Australian children but also immigrant children like India, those who have love for sports. The children are in the process of training, but it is still better than if they have to live in a worse country like India, right? With the facilities available there, they will be able to take advantage of everything in a positive way. “