India Travel: Festival in Mumbai

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Since becoming the main seaport connecting the UK and India, Mumbai has attracted many merchants and people to live. Not only is it known as Mumbai’s famous economic and financial center, but it is also the busiest tourist city in India. Here are some essential information you should consult before traveling to Mumbai.

The best time to visit Mumbai

The best time to visit Mumbai is from November to March next year when the weather is not too hot. If you don’t want your trip to be interrupted by unusual rain or rain, avoid June to October. Because during this time, storms and rain can cause public transport to be paralyzed. If you want to enjoy the extreme heat of Mumbai, then go to Mumbai from April to June. This is also the time you can enjoy countless attractive fruits.

Festivals in Mumbai

India is known as the country with many unique festival customs. And Mumbai is a city that hosts a lot of festivals with the interest of the people.

In March, Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is celebrated with celebratory parties on the street. The people of Mumbai in this day participate in throwing pigments or throw anyone with water balloons.

In August to September, Ganesha festival is held and lasts 10 days. At this festival, residents bring the statue of God Head Elephant to their home and worship for many days. Also on these days, on some streets, giant statues about 20 feet tall were installed for worship.

Then there is the Diwali Morning Festival. This is a light festival celebrating the return of the Hindu god known as King Rama from exile. Diwali festival is held from October to November. During this time, people will decorate their homes with lamps and kerosene lamps, in addition, they will also light fireworks. This is the busy and fun time in Mumbai.