The Most Popular Indian Dishes You Can Cook At Home (part 2)

5. Malai kofta Malai kofta, which means vegetable meatballs in a thick sauce, is the vegetarian alternative to meatballs. It is served with the koftas, made with a mix of potatoes, carrots, sweet corn, peas, and beans, which are cooked, mashed, and then mixxed with spices and paneer. It’s rather easy to purchase if you don’t want to make it at your home, particularly if you shop at a natural foods market. This dish goes very well with naan or jeera rice. 6. Chicken Vindaloo Curry Chicken vindaloo curry is a mild and sweetly spiced recipe for a curry. It is contrary to current belief, in fact, curries don’t have to be hot and fiery. They never started out that way in India. Don’t skimp on the ingredients since creating the curry paste is the key part of this dish. 7. Palak Paneer (Spinach and Cottage Cheese) Palak paneer is the most popular paneer recipe at Indian restaurants. It is a flavored and super healthy dish. It is made with nothing more than spinach, cottage cheese (or the paneer), and

5 Most Delicious Vegetarian Cakes in India

Not only is the world famous and sacred land of the world, India is also the paradise of delicious vegetarian cakes that you may not know. 1. Puri-Bhaji Cake In markets in the northern Indian city, you will find skillful chefs making Puri-Bhaji fried bread which is a non-fermented bread served with hot and spicy potato sauce. It is usually eaten at breakfast or lunch and is also popular street food. 2. Stuffed Parathas bread Parathas is a non-fermented flat bread, made of wheat flour, stuffed with some vegetarian ingredients inside. The cake is served with melted white butter pieces, with pickles. You can use this dish with pure yogurt, or lassi which is a unique salty yogurt drink. Inside, the cake is stuffed with cauliflower, radish, onion, mint, and green beans roasted then grilled. 3. Idli sambhar rice cake Idli sambar is a popular breakfast dish of southern India. In it, Idli is a salty rice cake made with steamed rice flour and gram powder. Sambar is a vegetable curry cooked with lentils and black mustard spices, curry leaves

Indian Cuisine: Delicious dishes in Old Delhi

Indian cuisine is attractive enough to conquer any hard-to-eat gourmet heart. From the kitchens of luxury hotels in South Delhi to the sidewalk eateries in Connaught Palace area, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, featuring many different prices. Here are the outstanding dishes not to be missed by Indian cuisine. Near the Chandni Chowk station, on Chandni Chowk Road, Old Delhi’s main street has a small shop called Natraj. Here, they only sell 2 items, namely dahi bhalla, including mixed yogurt (dahi) and golden fried lentil cake, served with pomegranate seeds, raisins and mango chutney sauce typical of Indian cuisine. Degree. Rabri Faluda Near the ancient Fatehpuri Masjid church, the Hiani di Hatti is a great place to enjoy rabri faluda. This dessert is made from traditional pasta (faluda) and monosodium glutamate (rabri made from a mixture of milk, cream, sugar and cardamom). Paratha Paratha is a type of donut, made from wheat flour, with local vegetables or fruits, mixed with mango chutney sauce, sabri and some types of raw vegetables. The paratha street is quite small, it