The Eight Largest Casinos In India

Since gambling has become a more and more favorite leisure time activity for tourists, the Government of India has encouraged licensed casinos at some famous tourist destinations across the country. Here we have compiled a list of the eight largest casinos in India. 1. Deltin Jaqk Deltin Jaqk provides guests with an extra ordinary gaming experience thanks to its 350 different gaming positions including Roulette, 3-card Poker, and Backart Andar-Bahar. 2. Casino Pride Considered as the gamers delight, Casino Pride can offer gaming experiences to more than 500 visitors at a time. It is 30,000 sq. ft vessel that hovers on the waters of the Mandovi river. 3. Winners Casino, Hacienda de Ora Located in Hacienda de Ora, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa, Winners Casino features 150 casino slot machines, video and poker games. 4. Deltin Royale Casino Spreading over 10 acres with 60,000 square feet gaming space, Deltin Royale Casino is the second largest casino resort in Daman. It is also known to be a gamers’ paradise. 5. Casino Carnival Casino Carnival is another famous

Ten Things You Must Know Before Traveling to India (part 3)

Be wary of scammers Contrary to popular perception, not every part of India is filled with scammers. However, you should always take precautions regardless of the city where you’re traveling to. Be wary of unofficial tour guides, invalid SIMs, fast-track admission service scams, and inflated taxi fares. You should avoid looking gullible since it will make you an easy target, so check out some safety tips before starting your trip. Bargain, bargain, bargain Whether you’re shopping or taking a taxi, it’s always mandatory to bargain in India. Foreigners are often quoted inflated prices as the value of the Indian currency is lower than that of most western countries, and although you may think the rates are cheap, haggling is still encouraged. Indian salesmen who are very good at negotiating will try to play with your emotions. You can buy souvenirs from government-owned handicraft emporiums so that you don’t have to bargain. Indian cuisine is not only chicken tikka masala Cuisine is one of India’s finest character traits. It’s unlucky that chicken tikka masala and naan are considered as staple Indian

Ten Things You Must Know Before Traveling to India (part 2)

Embrace the chaos India is the world’s second-most populous country behind China, so expect a lot of crowds, particularly in big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. It’s not difficult to be overwhelmed by the large number of activities going on at the same time. Keep calm at tourist destinations or train/bus stations as tour guides or taxi drivers might hound you. Moreover, make sure that you are assertive as dealing with them. Only if you are willing to embrace the chaos, will you be able to enjoy your trip. Get a local SIM with internet access Most cities in India, even the capital Delhi, aren’t that well planned. While traveling around, it is always helpful to have Google Maps on your mobile phone so that you can make sure that the taxi or auto-rickshaw driver is driving on the correct route and isn’t attempting to rip you off. Getting a local SIM card with internet access is one of the best ways to protect yourself. Because of high competition among a variety of service providers, data plans in

Ten Things You Must Know Before Traveling to India (part 1)

India is a vast South Asian country that is full of surprises. However, there are a few things that you must know before visiting this country. It is very diverse India might be one of the world’s most diverse countries. Geographically, the mighty Himalayas in the north of the country are so much different from the sunny beaches along the west coast or the arid deserts in the north-west. Historically, the country has seen so many migrations from different corners of the planet, which gives rise to a very ethnically diverse population. Wipe out any stereotypes you might have of the country and you will be really surprised by what it has to offer. India has 22 official languages When traveling to a new country, you are usually advised to learn by heart some popular words and phrases in the local language. However, what if the country you are going to visit has no national language but has 22 official languages and up to 1,721 other languages? In the north of India, you will get by with a few Hindi

Travel guide India from A to Z

PREPARE FOR TRIP Weather and clothes You should research carefully before planning and preparing clothes to suit the time you are going to go. The following are the best times to travel. November to March: Warm weather, dry climate and nice sunshine, is the most suitable occasion to visit India. April, May and October: The temperature is quite stable, you can still travel if you are not concerned about persistent drizzle. The advantage of traveling at this time is the cost will be much cheaper than not because of the tourist season. June – September: Do NOT go to India at this time because this is the rainy season. Personal items should bring Depending on the time of going, you should prepare clothes accordingly, it is best to choose polite clothes when going to public places because Indians often do not like when others dress too revealing Indian food usually has quite a strong curry flavor, so if you do not like the curry taste, you should prepare food to bring in case you can not eat the food here.

Travel India “freezing” because of protests

In the past month, protests have been taking place in many cities, prompting several countries to issue warnings of citizens intending to visit India. Currently, at least 7 countries and territories have issued travel warnings to India after media reported at least 25 people were killed in clashes between police and protesters. At the same time, actions against the new law continue to be complicated. Officials estimate that in the past two weeks, around 200,000 domestic and international tourists have canceled or canceled visits to the Taj Mahal, one of India’s most famous tourist destinations. Dinesh Kumar, a police inspector working at a tourist police station near the Taj Mahal temple in Uttar Pradesh state, said: “The number of visitors fell by 60% in December ”. Even a group of European tourists traveling to India said they were planning to shorten the 20-day trip. From New Delhi, Dave Millikin, a retired banker living on the outskirts of London, told Reuters news agency: “We are all retired people, so travel. need to slow down”. The Taj Mahal is located in Agra

Online Gambling may be very well-liked in India

The primary preference of any guest who’s looking to spend a few a laugh-crammed excessive first-class time along along with his family on the seashore and on the equal time indulge in the satisfaction of live gaming in a casino. The Directorate of revenue Intelligence lately served casinos in Goa with a demand for therefore-called «carrier taxes» on their license fees, in a transfer some enterprise figures concept of to be a shameless tax-seize from worthwhile online casino operators. Casinos in India It must come as no wonder that the legal popularity of gambling may be doubtful because the law fails to deliver any readability. cost: packages begin from 2,000 rupees on-line man or woman from Monday to Thursday, with 2,000 rupees One Time Play Coupons. while you deposit your money into your casino account, you play with self assurance figuring out your money is relaxed and subsidized by way of strict on-line. Loyalty applications: A sturdy incentive for lengthy-time period players ranks extraordinarily in our manual due to a player can discover an wonderful on-line casino and stick with

Interesting Reasons Why India Is Like Another Planet

The diversity of natural scenery, food and weather makes India seem to be a different world than the rest of the country. 1. The world has only 4 seasons while India has 6 seasons Spring in mid-February to mid-April; summer in mid-April to mid-June; monsoon in mid-June to mid-August; Autumn in mid-August to mid-October; Pre-winter in mid-October to mid-December and Winter in mid-December to mid-February. 2. The world has about 8,000 languages while India has 1,600 languages While most countries have only 1, 2 or 3 languages, India has more than 1,600 languages. Of these, about 122 are classified as the primary language. 30 of these are used by more than 1 million people. But don’t worry if you are going to India, because this country has one of the largest English speaking populations in the world, second only to the United States. 3. There is a school that collects rubbish instead of tuition While the world is arguing about rising fees, a school in India came up with the clever idea of collecting plastic waste from students instead of

International Tourism Day: New Indian visitor drives the alternate in tourism enterprise

With visitors rejecting frugality and digging deeper into their wallet to are trying to find global-class experiences, the Indian travel and tourism enterprise is toning up plans to coins in on their arrivals. India has already moved up 6 locations to rank 34th on global and Tourism aggressive Index 2019 released these days via the sector economic forum (WEF). And with the United Nations World Tourism enterprise predicting the USA to account for almost 50 million tourists by 2020, the Indian Tourism enterprise is eyeing a larger share of the sector tourism pie. “At the same time as large sectors in India are shedding people, the proportion of tourism jobs has risen by using 2.9 per cent in past years. Tourism is poised find an area most of the top 5 career options for millennials, who also are a first-rate traveller segment,” stated Mohit Poddar, CEO & co-founder. Ankit Rastogi, head of accommodation and sports at Cleartrip, said Indians are allocating budgets to tour like in no way before and their very own statistics corroborates the trend. “Comparable to evolved

Golden apricot season in Ladakh

Just come to Ladakh (India) in the summer, do not need to buy a private tour, visitors can easily admire the fruitful gardens. Ladakh in north India is a favorite tourist destination of most foreigners , especially in the fall. But summer is the peak season of tourism here. The warm weather is suitable for hiking, camping and exploring the “sub-Tibet” area with large motorbikes. The apricot season in Ladakh is ripe in July, lasting till August. Across the vast Nubra valley, there are fruit trees full of apricot trees. This land is nourished by the Indus River and a branch of the Indus River named Shyok, so the trees are lush and more affluent than other regions in the North Indian region. The apricot tree (known locally as chulli) is believed to have grown in Ladakh more than a century ago, sourced from China or Central Asia. It is now the dominant fruit tree in this area. Apricots are grown in home gardens, the open land of villages or along the Shyok River. There are also apricot trees that