Indian Cuisine: Delicious dishes in Old Delhi

Indian cuisine is attractive enough to conquer any hard-to-eat gourmet heart. From the kitchens of luxury hotels in South Delhi to the sidewalk eateries in Connaught Palace area, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, featuring many different prices. Here are the outstanding dishes not to be missed by Indian cuisine. Near the Chandni Chowk station, on Chandni Chowk Road, Old Delhi’s main street has a small shop called Natraj. Here, they only sell 2 items, namely dahi bhalla, including mixed yogurt (dahi) and golden fried lentil cake, served with pomegranate seeds, raisins and mango chutney sauce typical of Indian cuisine. Degree. Rabri Faluda Near the ancient Fatehpuri Masjid church, the Hiani di Hatti is a great place to enjoy rabri faluda. This dessert is made from traditional pasta (faluda) and monosodium glutamate (rabri made from a mixture of milk, cream, sugar and cardamom). Paratha Paratha is a type of donut, made from wheat flour, with local vegetables or fruits, mixed with mango chutney sauce, sabri and some types of raw vegetables. The paratha street is quite small, it

Pick up the sun on the Ganges River

Four o’clock in the morning, the foot in the Ganges River, suddenly met with a bright red sun rising from the Ganges River on the 16th day of the lunar month, the moonlight inlaid with silver. Fanciful, rare moments to forget. I sat and picked up the sun on the Ganges River. Go to Sanath city I was still haunted by the three sharp, black, sprawling towers and the piles of dry wood in the Ganges. There, three towers were three crematoriums, the last berth of the Indian people, including dignitaries, rich people and black people; there gives the human world the justice of creation again. I was still trembling as I watched the ramshackle huts and devotees meditate. I remember, when I stopped at Lumbini, where the Buddha was born. Every spring, there are tens of thousands of Tibetans, tens of thousands of people of all colors, on continents, they come here, they can look. Just look. Some people do not follow Buddhism, but they want to understand the Buddhist culture other than Christian culture, other than Hindu culture.

India Travel: Festival in Mumbai

Since becoming the main seaport connecting the UK and India, Mumbai has attracted many merchants and people to live. Not only is it known as Mumbai’s famous economic and financial center, but it is also the busiest tourist city in India. Here are some essential information you should consult before traveling to Mumbai. The best time to visit Mumbai The best time to visit Mumbai is from November to March next year when the weather is not too hot. If you don’t want your trip to be interrupted by unusual rain or rain, avoid June to October. Because during this time, storms and rain can cause public transport to be paralyzed. If you want to enjoy the extreme heat of Mumbai, then go to Mumbai from April to June. This is also the time you can enjoy countless attractive fruits. Festivals in Mumbai India is known as the country with many unique festival customs. And Mumbai is a city that hosts a lot of festivals with the interest of the people. In March, Holi, also known as the festival of

Hawa Mahal: Palace of Winds in India

With 953 windows, Hawa Mahal Palace is like a honeycomb or an air conditioner that helps to bring cool spaces in hot days. This is a special travel destination that you should try when visiting India. Dubbed Palace of Winds or Palace of Breeze, Hawa Mahal is one of India’s most beautiful palaces. It is located in the pink city Jaipur, which is the largest city in Rajasthan state. The palace was built in 1799 by Emperor Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. It simulates the image of the crown of the goddess Krishna shining brightly under the sun. A special feature of Hawa Mahal is the system of 953 windows with delicate and fancy sculpted drawings. Therefore, the palace is also like a honeycomb for wind and air conditioning. The building consists of 5 floors made of light pink sandstone, which further contributes to the beauty of the heritage city Jaipur. Initially, Hawa Mahal was built as a separate complex for royal women. From there, they can daily watch the lives of the people through the windows without showing up in public. The