Abdul Qadir: The Golden Child of Indian Sport

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An accident at the age of 7 caused Indian boy Abdul Qadir Indori to lose both arms. However, with determination and determination, he surpassed everything to do things that many people admire.

In May 2014, Abdul Qadir Indori came to Mulla Colony, Berasia Bhopal to enjoy the summer vacation at his relatives’ home. Time here, once on a rooftop, the boy accidentally touched the high voltage line and was seriously injured in both hands. Although the family took him to a hospital in Mumbai for several months of treatment, due to a serious infection, the doctors decided to have both hands removed to save his life.

When he knew he had lost two hands, Abdul Qadir was only 7 years old. Perhaps the feelings of pain quickly passed away even though I said I was a bit worried. The love, care of the family and the encouragement of the father are the motivations that help me overcome all.

Listening to his father, since then Abdul Qadir began to turn his legs, walking, running into skillful hands. From there, he uses them to do everything like a normal person, from learning everyday skills like opening a house, using a phone or laptop to cycling, playing soccer, write letters and swim.

For normal children, learning to swim is simple and easy. Under the guidance of the teachers, only a few sessions are they able to swim. But not with Abdul Qadir. Coming to swimming, he encountered many difficulties. However, whenever he was in the water, he always seemed comfortable, excited and excited.

With swimming, he has a strong passion and it is this passion that helped him overcome the initial obstacles when learning to swim because he lacked both hands. And now, Abdul Qadir can not only swim but also swim fast not inferior to normal friends, even better than the other. Not only that, he also competed in other countries.

With passion and effort with the support of his parents, Abdul Qadir has won many national gold and silver medals in swimming. Specifically, boy Abdul Qadir Indori from Ratlam, India won a gold medal, a national silver medal for swimming in 2015 and 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal in the National Paralympic Games 2017. He is currently working hard to prepare for the 2024 Summer Olympics for the disabled in Paris. He is determined to win a gold medal for India.