10 Unique Tourist Sites In India

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India is the seventh-largest country in the world, which is the sacred Ganges along the Himalayas. There are many interesting things to explore in the origin of this Buddhist country. This article refers to 10 points worth visiting the most when going to India.

1. Kerala canals

The Kerala state of Kerala is essentially a series of lagoons and lakes that are parallel to the Arabian Sea. It is home to many species of aquatic life such as crabs, mudslides, frogs, some water birds, turtles or otters … Now visitors to the Kerala canals often go sightseeing. by boat or by a traditional Indian-style rice boat which is gradually transformed into a floating hotel called Kettuvallams.

2. Lake Palace
The name of a lake, but actually this summer palace of the Indian royal and 18th century, it is located in Lake Pichola called Lake Palace. Currently it has been renovated into a 5 star luxury hotel. This hotel uses a boat to take you back from the east of Lake Pichola. In 1983 this hotel was chosen as the backdrop for the James Bond Octopussy film and also since then it has become more famous all over the world.

3. Virupaksha Temple
Situated in the early Hampi city of Virupaksha Temple, it was only a small temple but gradually became a larger complex under the leadership of Vijayanagara. Indians believe that the temple was worshiped from the 7th century until now and it has turned it into India’s oldest Hindu temple.

4. Palolem
Palolem is India’s most beautiful beach. Located near the south of Goa, this is a natural arch with two sides surrounded by high cliffs. When coming to Palolem you will feel the peace and quiet of space. This is truly a paradise for those who love nature. Besides, Nogaif out there is a myriad of good, cheap and exciting hotels from nightlife.

5. Kanha National Park

This is the most suitable place for you if you want to see the life of the tiger as this is one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Asia. Kanha National Park is home to vast, lush pastures, bamboo groves and spectacular canyons. The setting has inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the famous novel “The Jungle Book” Make Kanha one of the top attractions in India.